Hold Your Event in Eagle Plaza!

The Friends of Eagle Plaza is working through the process of becoming the official “Steward” of Eagle Plaza, as outlined here and detailed herehere  and various places in the City Administrative Code.

For now, the Friends of Eagle Plaza is simply inviting individuals and organizations that would like to “activate” the Plaza with an event to contact us, and let us assist you in the planning and permitting process.

We would particularly encourage and welcome things like:

  • A temporary art exhibit or pop-up art show
  • A bake sale, gear swap, or other non-profit fundraising event
  • A small farmers’ market-type event
  • An artistic, musical, or theatrical performance
  • An event coordinated with a Sunday afternoon beer bust at the SF Eagle bar
  • An event or gathering related in some way to the leather, kink, LGBT, or queer communities

The ways in which we can help you are still being researched and refined.  These are some of the aspects of your event that we hope to streamline for you:

  • Preparing and submitting permit applications to DPW, ABC and other regulatory bodies
  • Estimating permit fees and other costs
  • Preparing for an ISCOTT hearing, if required
  • Complying with COVID-related city and state guidelines
  • Notifying neighbors and getting their enthusiastic support for your event
  • Calendaring to avoid conflicts with other community events
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Connecting with local businesses to provide needed goods and services
  • Publicizing your event via social media to the local queer and kinky community
  • Obtaining needed insurance
  • Managing a clean-up deposit, if required
  • Coordinating with SF Eagle, especially regarding food and beverages
  • Coordinating with 1532 Harrison Street
  • Coordinating with Soma West Community Benefit District
  • Providing tables and chairs, and other event support
  • Other aspects of event planning and management

We will request that you make a donation to the non-profit Friends of Eagle Plaza, through our fiscal agent SOMArts, to offset our costs and to support future Eagle Plaza programming.  The amount requested will be on a sliding scale, depending on the size and nature of your event.

We will, over time, develop a form for event applications; however, for now, please simply write to [group email address of key FoEP Board members] and tell us as much as you can about yourself, your organization, and your proposed event.

We look forward to hearing from you!